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We interviewed London-based artist Eve Archer and got an up close look at her imagination, lessons for her inspiration and some advice for painting a colorless island. Check out the full Q&A below —


Cool Art

1. A/S/L?

 23/Girly Girl/London

2. Are you self-taught?  Or did you go to school for your craft?
I graduated from Kingston University last July from the Illustration and Animation course, though I really got into drawing when I was eleven and did loads of awful manga tracing. 
3. What is the one advice you wish you had coming up as an artist?
It takes time, nothing happens overnight, but stick with it and continue to grow.
Cool Art

Cool Art

4. You’re stranded on a colorless island and you have to paint it using only three colors. What colors would you choose?

Pink, green and blue would make a lovely landscape. 
5. Women are the subject for most of your work. Why is she your go to muse? 
Honestly, it’s mainly because I’m gay; I’m a woman, I love women and women will always fascinate me. I’m drawn to women and want my work to celebrate them. 
6. Life imitates art. Is female representation important to you or do you find yourself mirroring your work (i.e. drawing yourself through others)? Explain.
I want to draw what I wish I had seen growing up; women loving women and being comfortable in who they are. I think it’s incredibly important we create more nuanced representations of marginalized groups, and it’s really exciting to see how illustration is demonstrating that.

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7. Your illustrations are very vibrant and happy – easy on the eyes and safe. But at the same time they are also a little sensual and erotic. How do both worlds co-exist for you.
I’m really enjoying at the moment drawing girls being comfortable and carefree whilst being naked; it’s definitely something I’ve had to relearn. I’m trying to challenge my own body woes by showing rolling bellies and wobbly thighs in a positive way. I think being sexy isn’t always serious, sometimes it’s being soft and happy.
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7. If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where? Why?
This might sound like a lazy answer but I’ve never visited America and have always wanted to drive around, staying in weird, dated motels. 
8. How do you stay inspired?
Haven’t figured that one out yet! Art can be so emotionally laborious and I’m really trying to learn that I don’t need to be working 24/7. It’s tiring and sometimes the best thing to do is get away from it all, go for a walk, pet some dogs, smell some flowers and come back refreshed. 

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9. Name three songs you could listen to on repeat. 
Tough but top three would be, After Laughter (Comes Tears) by Wendy Rene, Cigarettes and Coffee by Otis Redding and then (it’s hard to not include all of Beyonce’s discography) All Night by Beyonce. 
10. Someone offers to buy you a work of art of your choosing – price, era doesn’t matter – what’d you ask them to buy? 
Lying on the floor of the Tate with my mum under Olafur Eliasson’s giant sun when I was little is one of my favorite memories, I’d love to have that experience again.

Cool Art

Art work by Eve Archer

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