black art

The Brooklyn artist translates her thoughts to items…

And transforms conventional items into peculiar objects. Check out the full Q&A below —


1. A/S/L
20, Female, Brooklyn

2. Are you self-taught? Or did you go to school for your craft? Which school?
I am mostly self taught. I started creating when I was a young kid. I took some classes but I mostly did whatever I wanted. I am currently attending SUNY Purchase for sculpture.

3. What is the one advice you wish you had coming up as an artist?
That there isn’t really a definitive moment or event that you have to work towards in order to become, or be seen as an artist.

4. You’re stranded on a colorless island and you have to paint it using only three colors. What colors would you choose?
Mustard yellow, light blue and forrest green.

5. Life imitates art. How do you make the intangible tangible through your creative expression? Explain.
I don’t sketch anything out first, so whatever I make comes straight from my thoughts with no editing.

A 4 hour drawing

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6. You work with multiple mediums. Can you cite them all and describe your appeal for it?
I work with a lot of different mediums, mostly things that I find and/ or trash. I like the satisfaction I get from coming across an item and getting inspired to create a new piece around it, or figuring out how to incorporate it into a work in progress.

7. If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where? Why?
If I could live anywhere for a year it would be France. I was living there from January to March. It was such an amazing experience that I could have easily stayed there for a year.

8. How do you stay inspired?
I get boost of inspiration from new and interesting things I experience and encounter from day to day.

9. Name three songs you could listen to on repeat.
1) Bodack Yellow- Cardi B 2) Linger- The Cranberries 3) How Far I’ll go- Moana soundtrack

An experiment

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10. Someone offers to buy you a work of art of your choosing – price, era doesn’t matter – what’d you ask them to buy?
I would want them to buy whatever piece that inspires and or makes them happy.

black art

Art work by Skye Baptiste

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