Ashanti x Miss Circle want you to ring in the New Year as your best self.

When my dad turned 36, I got him Ashanti’s break out hit single “Foolish” for his birthday. He kept insisting it was the only thing he wanted after hearing it on the radio. At the time, I was in high school and had to save some lunch money to make the purchase. The day of his birthday I handed him the poorly wrapped gift and his expression read: “not another arts and craft project”. But when he opened it and popped the CD into the stereo, I became the best gift giver (and maybe even daughter…?) the world had ever seen. We spent the entire day listening to “Foolish” on repeat.

All this to say, I got to relive part of that experience last night at the Ashanti x Miss Circle collection launch party. I took my dad as my date and, by doing so, had unknowingly followed the first piece of advice Ashanti offered me: “keep your family close.”

A Father Daughter Christmas Card ?

That’s right, I got to chat with Ashanti *says in fan girl* and you might want to incorporate these gems to your 2019 mood board.

On career:

“Don’t be fooled by the surface. There are so many layers to having a long career including dealing with peaks and valleys […] You have to be strong, count your blessings, be grateful and focused on your goals.”

On health:

“You have to take care of yourself from the inside out. I work out, I eat right. I try to get rest, that part doesn’t always work haha. But it’s very important to be healthy both mentally and physically.”

On your inner circle:

“Accept people for who they are and know that not everyone genuinely loves you.”

Naija Murphy, Brittney Atkins, Aisha Atkins, Ja Rule, City, Tina Douglas, Richard Murphy, Ashanti, Brice D. Vick, Shia Douglas, Mesan Douglas

On being a modern woman in music:

 “This is a very visual industry, so I feel like the more things that you’re a part of and the more that you’re able to show your brand and your style and who you are in different fashions, the better off you are.” (Ok so she actually said this to the New York Post, but it’s still important).

Ja Rule, Ashanti

Being a modern woman also means being adaptive and part of that competitive spirit is ingrained in the new Ashanti x Miss Circle collection. 

“Ashanti is the embodiment of the Miss Circle woman”, explained Miss Circle founder Isabel Deng. “Not only is she an incredibly talented, Grammy-award winning artist, but she is the CEO of her own record label, Written Entertainment. She does everything from approving budgets and scheduling studio time to treating herself to a mani-pedi and gym workout. She is multidimensional. She is an unapologetic boss”.

While speaking to Page Six, Ashanti explained: “My motto has always been to stay classy and sassy and sexy, not trashy, I think that I always try to inspire women to be bosses and demand respect. You can still be sexy and swaggy and be the boss.”

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Tried to make it work…

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The Ashanti x Miss Circle collaboration includes signature bandage dresses and two piece sets, ranging from forest green and bordeaux to neon pink. The fashion house culled inspiration from 80’s vintage glamour and New York haute aesthetic. 

Check out the pictures below for some holiday cheer and boss babe outfits:  

A Father Daughter Christmas Card runner up?
Ashanti, Claire Sulmers
Claire Sulmers, Isabel Deng
Ja Rule
Cynthia Gitonga, Antoine Butler

Naija Murphy, Brittney Atkins, Aisha Atkins, Ja Rule, City, Tina Douglas, Richard Murphy, Ashanti, Brice D. Vick, Shia Douglas, Mesan Douglas
City, Brice D. Vick
Isabel Deng
Natalie Schaffer

Miss Circle
May need some Venus Et Fleur in my life
Maybe just the minis for Holiday deco
Karen Erickson, Isabel Deng
Nathlie Stephens, Henry De La Paz
Ayoka Lucas, Tanya Sheikh
Tina Douglas, Ashanti, Karen Erickson, Shia Douglas
City, Brittney Atkins, Brice D. Vick
Ja Rule, Lenny Chen
Natasha Vallejo, Monique Salas
Ashley Karah, Tess Richardson

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