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Inner Beauty

Ladies, you’re transformative and complex and you. That is the first step to mastering beauty

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I realized two days ago that I’m dating (and very much in love with) the male version of my mother. Most women allegedly suffer from the Electra complex defined as “a girl’s psychosexual competition with her mother for possession of her father.” Not me. I have always been a mama’s girl and this aha moment was yet another testament to my immense love and admiration for women. To me they have always been the supreme archetype for beauty.

Make no mistake, as it pertains to sexuality I lean at the end of the heterosexual spectrum, but man (pun intended) I am so enamored by women. Even in the story of Adam & Eve where she is often depicted as the bringer of death and chaos. To me Eve portrayed our keen ability to take risks, our innate sense of freedom, our hunger for knowledge and our talents for influencing the choices of men. In my opinion Eve was more spine than she was rib.

My “maman” is a beautiful French lady with roots in Romania and Greece. She speaks with a mild accent and her voice is as smooth as honey. When its cool out, she lets her thick blonde hair dance on her shoulders. When its sunny her eyes beam electric blue, if its cloudy they turn stormy grey. In short, she’s transformative. She is complex and beautiful. She loves herself unconditionally which is possibly the greatest gift she has ever given me because it has allowed me to love myself and others the same. And that is true beauty.

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In my opinion the greatest triumph a woman can have over beauty is to be her muse. And what can be more beautiful than a woman who is confidently and unapologetically herself.

Whether in a full face of makeup, bare faced, skinny, wide, tall, light, dark – it really doesn’t matter. If you share the same respect I have for womanhood you can be my love too.

And let the record show

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