Black Joy is An Act of Resistance

Black Joy

“On the surface, Black Lives Matter demonstrations can appear to simply be collective acts of rage against U.S. law enforcement agencies, not the ‘love note to black people‘ the movement’s founders intend it to be.” Broderick Greer

The media has made it a campaign to capitalize on the negative emotions of its audience during one of the most critical social uprisings of 2020. So much so, that the idea of posting anything remotely positive right now seems like an antithesis to the movement. What isn’t immediately obvious is that it has become the American media’s job to program negative feelings which include anxiety, rage, and sadness. They have consistently failed to highlight the most important sentiment: black joy.

Black joy is an act of resistance because it is revolutionary to find happiness in a time, in a country, and through a hurt, that has plagued the lives of black Americans for over 400 years. It is arguably this act that has kept blacks progressive as black bodies were chained. It is this act that is a reminder that black psyches are not chained.

In present protests across the US there are demonstrators that have embodied this rebellious joy. Not because of black deaths, but because of black life; a life that is innovative, expansive, and beautiful.

“We know that while the history of white supremacy is long and triumphant, white supremacy itself is not the last word; joy is.”

This post was inspired by Broderick Greer’s Huff Post Article

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