Afua Richardson Black Panther
By African-Native American artist Afua Richardson

…so we rounded up some cool fan art, favorite comic quotes and production previews to help feed the beast

The hype is real. Within its first 24 hours of release the Black Panther trailer earned 89 million views. Also, YASSSS black twitter with your 466,000 mentions. What this means is tickets will likely go fast and February 16th could not come fast enough. In an effort to temporarily quell our excitement we’re sharing some amazing fan art, comic quotes and production previews ftw.

Black Panther Art
By Natacha Bustos
Black Panther Art
By Damion Scott
Black Panther Art
By F Francavilla
Black Panther Art
By Matthew Royal

When white critics said Black Panther’s poster was “too militant”

Production designer Hannah Beachler and costume designer Ruth Carter are Black Girl Magic galore

Black Panther plans to set itself a part from other Marvel movies, and that’s in large part due to director Ryan Coogler’s decision to move away from Marvel’s in-house production. His on set dream team made up primarily of female department heads, include two notable mentions: Hannah Beachler, the production designer on not only his last two films, but on Lemonade and Moonlight, as well as veteran costume designer Ruth Carter. 

“I got a piece of advice a few years ago,” says Hannah Beachler. “Basically, it said to only work on stories and scripts you connect with and have a feeling for, a visceral reaction to. I think it was [“Hidden Figures” production designer] Wynn Thomas who said that to me. It really resonated with me and I took it to heart.” Her vision for Wakanda marries the past and future as a modern marvel of wonder.

Black Panther Movie

Black Panther Movie

Black Panther Movie

The multiple Oscar and Emmy-nominated costume designer Ruth Carter decided to spotlight afrofuturism fashion in the film. She took to Twitter soon after the teaser trailer dropped on Friday to explain some of her references in creating the iconic looks. From Kenya’s Maasai tribe to Lesotho’s Basotho people, the motherland is widely represented.

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