Bon Bon BelAir

Bel-Air’s latest single is the Summer soundtrack we need right now

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The last time I was asked to shake my bon bon was in the summer of 1999, when Rickey Martin was “a desperado underneath my window and [I] was his Juliette”. At the time I was a middle school student who was imagining livin’ la vida loca with the famous Puerto Rican papi. Years later I would learn that my fantasies were not only out of reach because he didn’t know me but more importantly because he prefers his boyfriend’s bon bon.

Today, in January – arguably one of the coldest months of the year – I am transported back to Summer middle-school me. This time care of Bel-Air’s new track “Bon Bon”. The infectious EDM track is the kind of song you’d hear play in the background of a frat house party scene with a Zac Effron cameo. Or what I imagine would be blasting at an Ibiza club. It is fun, upbeat and as carefree as a warm Summer night.

The track’s hook “to shake your bon bon”, paired with a drop that sets the tempo for the call to action, is definitely helping me cope with the Mondayest Tuesday ever.

Check out the track below:

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