Ari Chi brings sexy back in her new video

The opening scene of Choosey reveals Ari Chi in a mask and handcuffs serenading “rub on your face, invade your space just how you like baby, I’ll let you taste later.” It’s clear this song is about sex, all the elements are there: a dim lit set, provocative lyrics sung in raspy warm tones, and a percussion-heavy but mildly tempered beat. The stand out element is our protagonist and songstress Ari Chi who, although goes against traditional standards of beauty, effortlessly evokes sultry confidence and libido bravado. It’s hard not to choose her.

Throughout the clip, you’re whisked back and forth into two different worlds that most likely reveal the two sides of Ari Chi as expressed through the song: a whimsical loving fairy who lives on a cloud and then a dominatrix bound in handcuffs who likes it when you’re mean to her in bed. These things may not be the same but they do drive home the point of duality, a theme that reappears not only through the visuals but through the hook: “drugs and you, are the only two.” Being sexy can be one thing and the other, sexuality can be one thing and the other, love can be the drug and the object of desire. Ultimately one thing and the other.

The Florida native has released her sophomore EP Lost in Hues. Check her out and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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