The independent label is making Valentine’s Day great again

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day and my timeline is still a continuous #relationshipgoals scroll. If you read that with a hint of cynicism, you read that wrong. I celebrated my birthday yesterday surrounded by love from my friends, family, and the many strangers that pepper my Instagram feed. I get it, the “Hallmark Holiday” has a bad rap for being one big capitalistic celebration, another reason for us to be labeled shallow consumers, but I love being reminded of love. It is after all what makes up some of our best personal and creative endeavors.

Enter b4’s Valentine’s Day playlist, a labor of love from b4 artist and staff.

As I write this “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young is playing. It’s my first time hearing the song, a country ballad isn’t exactly on my radar (or part of my Spotify algorithm), but it is a happy discovery. I look up the lyrics on Genius and a contributor explains:

“From his album of the same name, this song was written as a tribute to his wife, Pegi. The song celebrates longevity and fidelity in relationships. Harvest Moon meaning: The closest fool moon to a day in March or September when the length of the night and day is equal. Farmers used it as a marker that the growing season ended and time to harvest their crops. Referring to the song, it is time for Pegi and Nail to enjoy the effort they have put into their relationship.”

The b4 Valentine’s Day playlists reminds me that the only way to make a relationship work is to “Keep Those Fires Burning” by Gwen McCrae, at some point I’m serenaded by my favorite soulful crooner D’Angelo who repeats “I’m really in love with you”, and T-Pain even makes a “sprung” appearance for a surprise upbeat declaration of love. 

It’s a really good playlist for a date night, a self-care Sunday, and especially for a non-jaded Valentine’s Day appreciation post.

Check it out on Spotify below —

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