…and he doesn’t care if it upsets you.

I’ve watched Ioan Delice work on his music since he was thirteen years old. The rapper’s growing pains included: shaking off impersonators, sacrificing friends in order to fully invest his time to his craft, and moving as a polymath in a world that praises one dimensional trendy “artists”. It wasn’t easy and demanded a lot of grace as well as¬†patience. But the Kings County native holds no punches in his latest release Can I Live¬†where he firmly backs his crown and lends a few choice words to his haters.

The self-produced track includes an intro from Jay-Z who discusses being number one in lighthearted jest. True to his own sense of humor and quick witted tact, Ioan immediately follows up by addressing the rappers who “jack his flow.” In one swift move he let’s them know being second is a place they settled for when they committed to being his 2.0s, despite the fact that he “doesn’t really care to see ’em”.

The hook: “I ain’t out here looking for you, I’m just out here doing me. You the one, how you figure? You coming after me.”

Clearly translates to the ever indifferent:

Ioan Delice Brooklyn Rapper


Check out the new track for more come back gems.

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