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There are times in life where it feels like you could use your own theme song: while you’re doing your makeup, during an intense workout, when you went in for the first kiss or shared a hearty laugh with a baby. The small miracles of life are often better expressed through music. At Dyynamics our mission is to deliver more culture and less news, in an effort to bring you closer to those miracles and remove the wear and tear of everyday jade. So of course we would partner with a creative who brings the magic back into the mundane – artist Ioan Delice.

While working on our “More Culture” campaign – we realized we needed the perfect theme song to pair with our original visuals: a man smoking his cigar, a sun beam reaching through the camera, coy New York children playing on a Summer day. Left to stand on their own, these culture nuggets lacked the necessary impact. Enter Ioan Delice’s PAP-CDG track:

The melodic tune with its nostalgic feel good vibes and bright accents paired perfectly with our promos and even matched the following gentleman’s smoke:

Our kind of #sundayfunday #dyynamics theme music by @theloniouswhale

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