CLICK HEAR: For Alice in Wonderland’s Rap Song

Ioan Delice’s BASEHEADboy is four years old but has never been more relevant.

Before K.O.D or trippy rappers was a thing, Ioan Delice dedicated an entire song to drug culture. Not to glorify it or even lecture his listeners on the vice, but to showcase his psychedelic lyricism and dexterous poetics while describing the plight of an underground Artiste: being a citizen of your craft in a world that rewards fleeting trends over substance. Four years after the release of BASEHEADboy, druggy rappers are a desirable commodity. The irony.

Part of Ioan Delice’s #BATHWATER mixtape, BASEHEADboy is an original production which showcases a simple drum pattern combed with a deep pulsating and menacing bass. The first few seconds immediately lures the listener down the rabbit hole that is Ioan’s trippy and dark universe, while the lyrical content takes you on a haunting journey of drugs and the quality of life for an up and coming artist: “so underground, shit I talk to the dead.”

The visual style of the video, shot by renowned celebrity photographer Marc Baptiste, is reminiscent of Batman: The Animated Series’  “Dark Deco,” and emulates otherworldly timelessness as Ioan plays the role of white rabbit, Cheshire Cat, and curious protagonist: 



Faced with question:

Image result for how do you run from what's inside your head

Ioan answers: “Smoke on the herb, curb thoughts in my head.”


The artist professes to listeners his deepest desires, virtues and vices. Speaking to poverty, success, and despair, and evoking emotions of frustration, anger, and eagerness, Ioan marries entertaining lyrics with poetry using devices such as; imagery, alliteration, assonance, conflict, denouement, metaphors and connotation: “In the room, shit now I got a new neck-a-lace. Coming for your head and I’m leaving you necka-less.” – if the Red Queen rapped surely this would be her punchline. 


Listen to the single here:

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