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WATCH gives listener an earful of Hip Hop bravado

“Honestly it was a parody. I was poking fun at Hip Hop today.” That may be true, but Ioan Delice‘s self-produced song WATCH is a great example of his lyrical fortitude, creativity as a producer and ability to deliver an infectious hook.

New Hip Hop

Born January 13, 1994, the Brooklyn native of French/Haitian descent is inspired by an eclectic range of artists – from Hip Hop legend Big L, to France’s most popular and enduring singer Charles Aznavour. As an ambassador to his generation, Ioan also pays homage to the cartoons that formed his childhood and taps the creative influence of reputable composer Jim Lang and Japanese Hip Hop producer Nujabes – who have written scores for Hey! Arnold and Samurai Champloo respectively.

Ioan’s artistry also draws it’s inspiration from having grown up in Brooklyn (widely recognized as the rap capital of the world) at a time when it’s gritty reputation held true. Today the musician’s explorations of romantic, spiritual, interpersonal, and societal themes, mixed with his playful and unorthodox style of rapping, breaks hip-hop boundaries with new artistic expression.

New Hip Hop

In WATCH Ioan’s boastful meandering may attempt to troll on trap rap etiquette but ultimately ends up delivering a song that escapes the fleet of trends.

Check out it out below:

Photos by Maude Delice

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