Look At She

“Name another bitch looking this mean” is the opening line of Slim Poppins’s track Cherry Bomb. The rest of the song is filled with similar bravada – the “a” here is intentional because this is the girl version of boastfulness.

Nothing about her gloating is obnoxious or extra thanks to Slim Poppins’s relaxed delivery and the simple (albeit repetitive) production. This allows for her bars and flow to shine through, a real New York hip hop staple, versus the beat getting all of the listener’s attention, which is arguably the mark of the Southern influence. That being said, everything about the Cherry Bomb track is BIG #lookatshe energy.

For those of you unfamiliar with the movement, #lookatshe is all about a woman celebrating herself, highlighting her strengths, and claiming her wins. Or, in the words of Slim Poppins’s, showing “the f*ck out any time I want to brag”.

If you’re of the opinion that women have plenty of room to do this already and anthems like these are unnecessary, consider this Fast Company article about female entrepreneurs having to dim their light on social media so as not to appear “unrelatable”. While a male CEO would be celebrated for posting a selfie in a private jet, a female CEO would be met with disdain.

Here is a video of Issa Rae inserting some machismo into her acceptance speech at the Women in Film award, and it is absolutely amazing. (Sidenote, there is no female derivative for machismo…)

What a time to be alive when women are giving themselves more room to be vocal about the good things that happen to them and the ways that they win in life, without the underlying tone of faux modesty or even apologizing for it.

Be your own cheerleaders ladies, all day, everyday [PERIODT POO].

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