Rapper Megan The Stallion Interviewed by Prince SAMO

Prince SAMO interviews the H-Town Hottie Megan Thee Stallion

When I asked Prince SAMO (one of my favorite rappers from the World’s Fair collective) if he would be interested in interviewing Megan Thee Stallion (the burgeoning raptress from Houston) he responded with a cool “sure”. If you also heard his laissez-faire shrug you completely understand why I had to have another rapper ask Megan the questions that not only mattered, but prevented me from FAN-GIRLING THE FCK OUT!  The self-proclaimed H-town Hottie, who boasts a successful debut EP and an act in the Bad Girls tour, has blessed me with my go-to rider music. Any time I feel the need to re-up on confidence, I play Tina Montana. When I’m feeling especially kinky I go for Big Ol’ Freak. When I need to remind myself to get to the bag, Neva is the playback mantra.

Check out the rappers dialogue below for more gems.

Rapper Megan The Stallion Interviewed by Prince SAMO


– For someone who has to balance school life and being an artist, how is the balance coming along and how has life on campus changed?

At first when I wasn’t as popular, going to school and doing music was way easier. I would go to school during the day and do all music at night and shooting videos on weekends. Since everything is going up so quickly it’s getting kind of hard. But I did not want music to stop me from doing school or school to stop me from doing music. It was important for me to get my degree so I’m balancing it now.

– I’ve read that your mother was also a rapper, has she given you any gems or notes on not only being an MC but also on being in the game as a woman surrounded by men?

My mom was giving me gems without even knowing it. When I was younger, between 5 and 6, once I started realizing she was rapping, I would be in the studio watching my mom drop these verses and finish these songs. Just real good studio etiquette, which is what I picked up on. When I’m in the booth I don’t play around, I don’t bullshit, I do my thing and get done, and people will be surprised like yo “you did that in one take”. Because it’s important to me to pay attention to the people who are also working in the studio other than the artists. I respect the people I work with and I don’t waste nobody’s time.

As a woman in this industry you have to come in stiff and be able to put your foot down.

My momma is a very strong woman, growing up with a woman like that showed me how I should carry myself. My momma don’t take no shit, and when you’re in this industry you have to come in with that dominance and confidence.

– If you were to stop pursuing rap today, which song would you tell people to listen to that sums you up as an artist and which bar would be the one you’d want to be remembered by?

Definitely the Tina Montana song because I go off.

The bar would be “I have not worked nine to five in a while, I just be hustlin’, watching it pile”.

There are a lot of people in this generation who don’t want to work for people and I want them to know that you don’t need to work a traditional 9 to 5 job to pursue your dream. You just need to put your hard work and effort into what you’re passionate about. I knew I did not want to sit at a desk and be bored just to get money, so I went out and got it and get to do what I love everyday. So for the people who are coming up right now I don’t want you to think you can’t get whatever you want out of this life. Once you have your passion or dream just got for it. It’s possible.  


Rapper Megan The Stallion Interviewed by Prince SAMO

Rapper Megan The Stallion Interviewed by Prince SAMO


– Given the amount of attention and the level of success women in Hip Hop are receiving right now, where do you foresee your impact on the game being? Are you reaching for the record breaking heights or are you satisfied with notoriety in the underground circuit?   

I am reaching to go way past where I am out right now. I don’t ever want to be stagnant. I see myself growing up as household name. I see my impact as bringing back the rawness and the realness to this game. I don’t think there are too many examples of people who are really passionate about music, everybody want to wake up and be a rapper but are you really passionate about it? I feel like people aren’t as invested in rapping, they just treating it as a hobby but I’ve been really doing this and I want to bring that realness back to hip hop right now because I feel like that’s missing.


– Who are you trying to reach with your music?

Anybody who wants to receive it, anybody who likes good music, I know I have a lot of women fans but I also have a lot of male fans. And I don’t want to alienate or target one group. It’s definitely music for the people.


– Who are you trying to inspire?

I don’t have a limit on anybody I try to reach but I definitely want to inspire a lot of women. When I first started rapping, I was writing for myself. But when I started gaining fans, young girls would come up to me and tell me that my music would help boost their confidence. I definitely started getting in my bag when I wrote Tina Snow thinking about that message for helping people who could relate. It’s for everyone, you never know how you can affect someone. Like ok you need this confidence booster, here you go, that’s your riding music, this is your life.


– Who are you trying to intimidate?

I don’t ever focus on the hate, I am not worried about intimidating people, my music is to make people feel good. But if you dont like me you don’t like me that’s your problem.


– Houston has a very rich Hip Hop legacy in the world, what does being from Houston and carrying that tradition mean to you?

First of all, we have Beyonce. You’re coming behind Bey you have some big shoes to fill. You have that reputation to follow so you have to go hard. You have to put on. Beyonce is definitely somebody that I look up to and love. Once I get that Beyonce co-sign, nobody can tell me nothing. Then there’s Pimp C. Even though he’s from Port Arthur, he showed a lot of love to Houston and the South. And coming behind those people is a great example because I want to have that strong impact on the industry. And I am trying to fill the shoes and make my city proud. Because I got love for my city and they give me a lot of love.


Rapper Megan The Stallion Interviewed by Prince SAMO



– I’ve read that Pimp C (RIP) is your favorite rapper but outside of him, who are your influences in Hip-Hop?

Biggie is my second favorite rapper, def Lil’ Kim, 365 Mafia , Ice Cube. I just like really raunchy music.


– Can you name a few artists who people wouldn’t traditionally think Megan thee Stallion is a fan of?

I tell everybody that I love Dom Kennedy. Weirdly people wouldn’t think this but I also love ColdPlay and the Gorillaz.


– Who is on your top 5 women rappers list?







I really only listen to myself.

Rapper Megan The Stallion Interviewed by Prince SAMO

Photo story by Ashley Williams

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