Ronald Delice is the original millenial.

Hearing Ronald Delice’s “back in my day” stories feels like listening to a series of deja-vus. They are nothing like the cringe worthy lectures you would normally expect from a more seasoned individual. That’s because the forever young designer was an “influencer” before Facebook (and even MySpace) helped put creatives on the map. 

Working as one half of the dynamic menswear duo Ron-n-Ron, Ronald Delice didn’t shy away from expressing himself creatively. In his formative years, he was known for wearing gender bending colorways and DJ’ing for some of New York’s hottest clubs, including Nell’s which hosted the likes of Madonna, Prince and Basquiat.

His massive vinyl collection (move over laptop DJ) features some of the biggest names in Garage and House.


And in true Brooklyn fashion he regularly hosted house parties:

Click here to sample what a night at Ron’s house is like via his Paradise Garage Mix:

And click here for a friendly reminder of why Ron-n-Ron is the G.O.A.T:



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