Click Hear: Roxanne by Ioan Delice is the lusty anthem we all need.

Sami Miro by Renell Medrano

If the song Roxanne was on Tinder, you’d definitely swipe right.

It would be hard not to relate to rapper Ioan Delice’s latest release. The new song is an ode to our internal dialogue once faced with the object (pun-intended) of our desires. No need for conversation or courtship etiquette, this song is about seeing a person and immediately knowing you’d hook up with them. And although there is no real data on whether or not “a woman decides within the first 30 seconds of meeting a guy if she’s going to sleep with him” – there is plenty of research to at least entertain the idea of love (or in this case lust) at first sight.

The Brooklyn native’s easy going lyrics paired with a laissez-faire attitude voids any #thirst tag. He even goes so far as to let the listener know he may be “nasty” and “gross” but is too much of gentleman to “kiss and tell”. The self-produced track matches the vibes and is the right boost of confidence we need to make it through the Valentine sap.

Photo by Renell Medran

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