If you want to know what Senegal sounds like today, turn the radio dial to 102.3 “Vibe Radio”. Naturally Afrobeats is very popular but there is typically an eclectic mix of World Music and Hip Hop. Music is a critical part of Senegalese culture and Mbalax is the country’s national genre.

Vivian Chidid, affectionately referred to as the Beyonce of Senegal and the Queen of Mbalax, has a catalogue of music that can introduce you to the genre, but her more recent hit “No Stress” was a go-to choice for nightlife DJ’s during my visit.

Side-note I got to meet the Queen in 2016. *cheesing*

My first tiebou dien was prepared by Viviane N'Dour ❤️ #thankyou2016

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Popular Franco-Senegalese rapper Booba released a Hip Hop homage to his country influenced by Mbalax and it was also on heavy rotation. Peep the video below for the song and a great visual representation of Dakar: 

Below are other really popular Senegalese artists/songs you may know; demonstrating the cultural span of this country’s creative landscape:

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