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You’ve heard Ariana Grande’s latest single “Thank You, Next” by now. It’s popped up on your timeline over and over again care of the Kris Jenner “cool mom” cameo the internet’s been dying for and the many nostalgic Rom-Com references that made up the music video. Side note, why didn’t How To Lose A Guy in Ten Days make the cut?! If only for this epic yellow dress twirl.

But I bet you haven’t heard this version. Instagram influencer Chin The Kid re-imagines the pop hit as a soft spoken crooner, remixing the lyrics and adding a soulful: “You really took me for granted, should have known that you had planned it. I know I don’t wanna say it, but I’m so f***ing grateful you’re my ex.”    

Where Ariana Grande gave bubbly carefree upbeat energy, Chin The Kid gives “Thank You, Next” a subdued and softer mood. It helps that the original production is replaced with a guitar riff and easy-going percussion. 

Check out the full track here.

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ariana grande – thank you, next (reimagined). the full version is on my soundcloud! link in bio (lyrics) i know boys come and go but when we’re alone and we lose control, he holds my soul girls come and go but when i’m alone i think of the things i am thankful for you really took me for granted said you loved me and you meant it our energy was suspended said you loved me as a friend, yeah you really took me for granted should’ve known that you had planned it i know i don’t wanna say it, but i’m so fucking grateful you’re my ex i know you don’t wanna hear me say it, but i’m so fucking grateful you’re my ex thank you boy, thank you girl all i know is thank you, next i wanna say thank you now i’m all alone, now i’m not your problem not i’ve got control never ever fall for a guy who treats you like you’re a type not your consolation prize i always warned me about you i was right, i was right

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