If you’re of Haitian descent, you’ve most likely heard one of your parents threaten you with “wap kon Joj.” Which literally translates to “you will know George,” the expression meaning “ok, keep playing,” “you’ll know soon enough,” or “you got another thing coming.”

I speak three languages: English, French and Haitian Creole. Out of all of them, Haitian Creole is the most elusive, and the most clever semantically, when it comes to sayings and expressions. It can put into context feelings that are hard to decipher otherwise. That’s what Mach-Hommy did for me with his single Wap Konn Joj.

Throughout the three-minute track, he addresses the f* nigga, aka the person who always wants what they want, the person who chooses what they think over what’s right, what they feel over what’s real, the person who shits where they eat.

It’s a pretty monotone song with a jazzy vibe and is rather straight forward in terms of describing this particular type of person, but it feels so cathartic.

Check it out below:

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