Roman poet Publius Ovidius Naso also known as Ovid, is best known today for the Metamorphoses, a 15-book mythological narrative written in the poetic meter of epic. It remains one of the most important sources of classical mythology and literary magnum opus. As the namesake of their collaborative exhibition, photographer Alberto Maria Colombo and fashion designer Jivomir Domoustchiev have visually tapped into Ovidius and incorporated elements of mysticism and poetic tenor into their project.

My soul would sing of metamorphoses.
But since, o gods, you were the source of these
bodies becoming other bodies, breathe
your breath into my book of changes: may
the song I sing be seamless as its way
weaves from the world’s beginning to our day. (1.1-4 | The Metamorpheses, Ovid)



The opening reception is happening this evening at The Storefront Project (info below) and we recommend checking it out. 


For a more animated look at Jimovir’s collection, check out his red number as it appears in Nicki Minaj’s No Frauds video:

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