Eye See: Two For Won

Black is Beautiful

“No individual of the ancient world has left a deeper impression on history than Imhotep. He was the real Father of Medicine. […] In addition to being the chief physician to the king, he was sage and scribe, chief lector priest, architect, astronomer, and magician.” – J.A. Rogers.

You know those people who say things like “stay in your lane” whenever you decide to venture into something new. Those people aren’t very bright and they’ll try to project their limited thinking onto your expansive endeavors. Don’t let them, because ultimately “the awakening of unlimited potential is upon us.” Some of the most praised minds in history (i.e. Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci) have been “jacks of all trades” and I am super grateful to know a few today.

I got to work with two of my favorite creative geniuses a couple of weeks ago. Ioan Delice is a brilliant lyricist and producer who fearlessly delves into his life’s passion and is 100% committed to delivering great music while putting New York hip hop on the map – in a major way. He also acts, writes and draws as part of his artistic expression. Maachew Bentley aka DJ Thoth aka Genie not only grants his own wishes, but has an uncanny ability to manifest other people’s vision and master anything he puts his mind to. He works as a DJ, is a gifted photographer and excellent story teller. I got to spend the day with the two. I win. 


Black is Beautiful

“I just want to be great. I want people to hear me. I want to do what I do and be happy about it.” – Ioan Delice

Black is Beautiful

“Proclaim greatness for yourselves and it manifests in the most exciting ways.” – Maachew Bentley

Black is Beautiful

“I take a look in the mirror & really all I see is greatness” Ioan Delice

Black is Beautiful
“Don’t let em control your mind, even if you don’t know what’s gonna happen next, be happy to be here, inject a small dose of change, and just keep your pace up.” – Maachew Bentley

Black is Beautiful

“Ain’t nobody like me, lettem hate me when I shed my skin / All hail these dragon scales the flyest rarely turbulent” – Ioan Delice

Black is Beautiful

“The most important thing to do is not compare yourself to your peers because your experiences are your own experiences and what’s going on for others is what’s going on for them or for the people around them outside of yourself. It’s like this weird meta attached / detached thing. You have to know when and where to attach yourself.” – Maachew Bentley

Black is Beautiful

“Who better than I? Nobody, it’s all relative / born fly ’til I die, blame it on my heritage.” – Ioan Delice

Check out Ioan Delice’s Soundcloud to stay apprised on his new releases.

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Our Eye See column features visual stories by upcoming and established artists. 

Jewelry: Christina Delice
Orange turtleneck: DKNY
Black shearling coat: Michael Kors
Black leather shirt: Ron-n-Ron
Sunglasses: Super by Retrosuperfuture

Photo story by Maachew Bentley

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