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Artist Ioan Delice’s latest release highlights the chase in New York City

In more recent times, Hip Hop artists from the Big Apple have lamented the lack of support and diversity from the city’s music scene. Even major radio stations have undergone criticism for falling short. You switch the dial to your favorite player and hear more new music from outside acts than local ones.

Still NY’s Hip Hop scene is alive and well and with recent success stories (like Cardi B‘s meteoric rise) grabbing the media’s attention, it looks like the genre’s birthplace is on the up and up.

Enter Ioan (pronounced Yo-on) Delice. The Brooklyn native released visuals paying homage to the city that formed him for his self-produced single “Running Laps”. In the tune, Ioan speaks to the chase and is seen roaming the streets of New York alongside a mysterious heroin. 

His lyrics promote women empowerment: 

“No, they are not on your level that is a fact. 

No, they cannot measure up you do the math. 

Look at it all adding up, they are not you.”

And even shouts out feminism (followed by a “penmanship” quip… we see what you did there Ioan). 

Shot by King Makh, the video itself is a love letter to one of America’s most admired metropolis. 

Fall in love with Ioan via the full video below:

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