Personal fitness trainer Lauren Schramm walks us through a self-care hack.

Every Saturday morning at 10 AM, Lauren Schramm (aka laurenschrammfit) hosts a Dyynamics virtual boot camp that is guaranteed to whip any body into shape. There was one Saturday I needed three naps in order to recover.

You may come out of it sweaty, sore, and tired, but you never regret completing Lauren’s no nonsense workouts. Not only will she patiently walk you through each routine, give you the confidence to complete the circuits, and work as a partner by doing the exercises alongside you (sometimes she’ll even get mad at herself for the intensity level – which is a moment we all share), but she will also break down the effort so you can understand why it is that you are putting yourself through the 45 minutes of no-pain-no-gain.

During these moments of learning, Lauren establishes the connection between your body and your effort. The impact of understanding how you can control a result and manage physical stressors is invaluable. As part of one Saturday session, she scaled the workout down to a breathing exercise to help regulate our nervous system. To better understand why and how it helps, Lauren put together a presentation complete with videos so you can try it in the comfort of your own home.

Would you like to join our Saturday morning virtual workouts? DM us on @dyynamics or send us a note via info-at-dyynamics-dot-com.

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