#GroupDyynamics Presents: @YOU Liked Yourself Exploring Wellness in the 21st Century

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A Dynamic Panel of Influencers Gets Real About the Pursuit of Wellness and Why Mental Health Never Mattered More.

For this year’s topic #GroupDyynamics addressed wellness in the 21st century and the effects of social media on our well being. We asked questions like: how do we feel about face tune? What are the effects of consuming negative content? How do we manage our expectations against the social media “highlight reel”? And what can we do to be more aware of our digital consumption overall?

Attention capitalism is a real thing and being vigilant about our digital social life is so important. I feel blessed that people came out in support of Dyynamics (a labor of love) to sit around and honor feelings, connect in real life, and check in with our community.

In case you missed it, here are some gems from our panelist:

Liana Naima: I define mental wellness as having a healthy relationship with the voice in your head. A lot of us have toxic relationships with the voice in our head and I think it really starts with loving yourself first and foremost and being friendly with that voice.

Benito Skinner: Anytime you read something negative, or see a bad comment, or something you don’t like, just ignore it and engage or focus on the person who said something nice because they went out of their way to say something nice and you should respond to that.

Annya Santana: I found that turning off [social media] when I start comparison scrolling helps me get back to myself. Just being self-aware of the fact that this is just a fraction of their life as it is mine, helps me to check in with myself.

Thank you for coming!

We asked people to complete a survey at the end of our talk and most of the feedback read: “positive energy” “tough conversation that needs to be had” “authentic vibes/truthfulness”, “representation”, “thank you for doing this”. Ninety-five percent of the guests said they would recommend our panel to a friend and attend the next one.

I can’t wait to see you at #GroupDyynamics number three!

BIG thank you to our panelists: Benito Skinner, P.S. Kaguya, Liana Naima, and Annya Santana.

Panelists from left to right: Annya Santana, Liana Naima, P.S. Kaguya, Benito Skinner
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