Five Nineties Inspired Costumes Perfect For a Lazy Halloween

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I’m not big on Halloween. Any time I have to play dress up I always consider outfits that take the least amount of effort. My idea of a great Halloween is spent watching all of my favorite scary throwback movies, eating my little sisters’s candy and costume gawking on the internet. But since we’re here, I’ve compiled five ways you can nail a look without trying too hard. PLUS! It’s 90s inspired – ULTIMATE WIN! – so you can probably find a lot of the necessary items already in your closet. 

The Craft

“We are the weirdos, mister.”

First of all, Nancy’s outfits are fashion #GOALS. She was honestly THE best dressed b*** of the witch squad. Do you remember her “I got rich” scene? Refer to that for my go-to Spring 2018 look:




Throw on a white button down shirt knotted at the waist, a cute plaid mini skirt, black combat boots and emo-themed accessories and you are good to go.

Cruel Intentions

You know what’s really scary? Frenemies… YIKES! But I’d played the part if it meant swapping threads with Kathryn Merteuil. This should be a no-brainer costume since she is super on trend today, what with corsets and open toed-mules making an over-saturated come back: 


More friendship perks include following her life mantra:



Death Becomes Her

Speaking of frenemies, grab your BFF and do a paired look as Madeline Ashton and Helen Sharp.

You can keep it real simple and go with the above lingerie template (perfect for a thotty Halloween) or give your all and take a page out of Abraham’s book:

Waiting to Exhale

I’m into a thotty Halloween and just so the fellas know its real, this is where I’m taking the lingerie look:

Sidenote – look at all this #blackgirlmagic:


Vampire in Brooklyn

I could not find anything online for “Vampire in Brooklyn” costume, which is really surprising because I consider it a Halloween movie cult classic. 



Plus the outfits are so easy to put together I don’t see how anyone could pass up on a look. All you need is a long black trench coat paired with a black shirt and vest, and a 80s inspired wig to go as Maximillian or you can be detective Rita Veder and match a bold red button down with an all black ensemble and a really bad wig.


So, what will you be for lazy Halloween?

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