Nuclei Excerpt 1: Multidimensional Being.

– the below article was written by Lou Diamond

Between 2010-2013 my spiritual awakening started to accelerate: lucid dreams, diving into esoteric and occult knowledge, experiencing “hacking” of reality through quantum physics and synchronicities, libations to my Ancestors to unlock DNA and Metaphysical thoughts. It was my initiation into shamanism because healing yourself is healing the universe. For me, my third eye-opening was a process and not just an instant level of being. A journey with many seasons and episodes of who I am. Our third eye has always been open, meaning our gifts and powers are always there ready for us to access. It’s like peeling off layers of conditioning and trauma we’ve experienced, not only in this lifetime possibly in past lives as well, that separates us from each other and our divinity.

During this time I started to become detached from the 3rd Dimensional reality, the matrix of outdated programs that never suited our souls to begin with, yet our light still shined through the veil through our own individual struggles. Ex: anything that was considered crazy or impossible I gravitated towards it like a moth to a flame, a child filled with wonder ready to explore with an open heart and a pure imagination. I became a hermit, with my studies reclusive in my creation, solitude was my fortitude.

Now I realize in retrospect, how important it was to do this because it was a part of the plan, my purpose and spiritual training that I agreed to experience before I was born. I disconnected from most friends and family to cultivate my energy and mind and not give it away or compromise my truth. No romantic life besides the self-love I was developing. This may sound extreme but we all know we have to make sacrifices to reach our goals. Malcolm X said “a better world has to be built and the only way it can be built is through extreme methods” I was exercising magical practices mainly from intuition, channels from my ancestors and research I gathered from the ancient pantheons like vodun and the mysteries of the Dogon tribe. It starts simply by believing in magic like how some humans believe we’re just human, the constructs of what we believe is what limits us. Pouring a glass of water and praying over it with intention with the heart of a child makes it real. I learned to make magic rational and logical helps trick the mind into accepting it like yeah the vibrations of your words go into the water and water is a memory so it holds what it receives like emotions. So I’m going to drink this water and it’s going to give me superpowers haha. 

Fast forward to 2014, prayers, meditation, and developing the power of my mind. Energy follows thought, thoughts create the mind thus our frequency, this is the language of the universe, this is how we create our reality. I started to fall in love, I felt her, a flame started to burn brighter in my heart, becoming the greatest version of myself to be with her became an obsession. I was obese, I didn’t feel comfortable at all in my body, I understand the self-love movement of accepting who you are but that wasn’t me, I knew I was something greater underneath. My weight was a reflection of the conditioning, what the world wanted me to think I was. I saw my light when no one else did, I wanted her to see it too. That may seem co-dependent to want validation from someone else but I see it was self-love, because I followed the calling of Lou Diamond’s heart to help him manifest this experience, he wanted to experience love, this was more than physical it was Divine. I told myself to master my mind it will reflect in the mastering of my body, transformation into a lotus. It was time to apply the knowledge I’ve gained over the years and turn it into a reality. I Am Love. 

I started to listen more, clairaudience comes through our thoughts, spirit guides started to contact me on what to do, my higher self leading the way. I surrendered to the unknown and stopped trying to convince myself if it was real or not. I always had this ability but even through our spiritual awakening we’ll doubt our power, fear is funny cause it’s not real yet we give it so much of our energy and make it real. It’s cool have compassion and love for yourself, we’ve been through a lot and we’re still learning the awakening is a process of understanding yourself and what you already know, we may slip or fall but they’re lessons in it all. Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, triggers, all layers we all deal with in our own way, me? I transmuted it into fuel, now I’m learning more to feel my emotions through to gain enlightenment on why I feel this way. My depression taught me in one aspect it’s because I wasn’t aligned with my divine self, my joy, my love, that the constructs of the 3D reality confines from us. 

Michael Jackson was one of the first spirit guides to come through, you see this may seem crazy but only to the condition minded, we’re all connected to the source we’re all manifestations of the universe, as above so below. so contacting beings is a natural gift we all can do. 

MJ was a master of transformation, every ERA he had a new Look and a new LOOK lol. He told me you don’t need surgeries to transform, our bodies are made of water and we can take any shape we desire. He urged me to study the TAO and Shintoism and go deep within myself to get to the core teachings of everything (gnostics) to discover the mysteries. I pushed my mind and body beyond the limits like bruce lee to break through all barriers I had in my mind. I was running 20 miles every day transcending the physical, I never ran before it was the first time but didn’t think about it so I did it. Then going to the gym and not leaving until I did over thousand reps. I started using creative visualization on how I wanted to look during my training, the end result I wanted, this is a form of telekinesis because we can move particles and create waves with our mind so of course, we can do it with our bodies. 

We just entered the galactic new year and 13 year cycle on the 13 moon calendar, it’s the year of the wizards and now we’re entering the age of Aquarius in 2020 but we can say we’re already been in it. Viewing yourself as a multidimensional being will be vital for the energy we’ll be experiencing, to help expand our consciousness thus creating a new earth, our heaven. Dimensions are levels of consciousness, being aware of all the facets of your Diamond, what makes you, YOU. You’re Soul… your truth…your NUCLEi. Believing in fairies and magic talking to spirit guides, doing yoga, and who you are beyond your physical vessel are dimensions of ur being. Even down to putting together your outfit from vintage designers based on the themes of your current mood is a dimension. It’s all creative expression that creates our life and for the Age of Aquarius we’re flooding the old world to create the new, tapping into your multidimensional self will help you understand your purpose, you create your destiny, we gotta be who we know we are and not hide any of it, even if it may seem crazy to others cause this how we raise the frequency, infinite possibilities, What’s your Nuclei?

While staring at the yin & yang symbol, I saw a vision of both points coming together. Oneness. I started to see this new DOT in everything and every other spiritual system throughout the world, a point in every ancient culture: Gods and Pharaohs wearing a black dot on their crown, sacred geometry, to the Kabbalah sefirot (tree of life) then in the zodiac, The spiral movement of the universe around The Sun (Our Soul). It was an instant understanding of knowing thy self, a mystery our ancestors knew, this oneness we all have access to, the balance of masculine and feminine energies within us. It told me it was Nuclei, a Stargate to who we really are. I saw the connection of all spiritual methodologies more than the differences leading back to our essence, it all starts within YOU. The universe is a reflection of who we are inside and once upon a time we really lived our DREAM.

I initiated myself as a shaman, healing myself through my higher self guided by spirits, ancestors, light being, gods known and unknown. Through it all, I realized healing is really discovering we were whole all along. Nuclei is an infinite journey within, I’m still discovering myself…

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