Remember when Celine chose Joan Didion as the face of their sunglasses campaign? And the internet went crazy?! The idea that the fashion industry would openly celebrate an older woman seemed revolutionary – and yet that shouldn’t be the case.

In a culture that is so obsessed with discovering the fountain of youth, I wholeheartedly believe my best days are ahead of me. I love the idea of maturing because I know it’ll allow me to further tap into my womanhood. In the words of Betsy Prioleau:

The powers of fascination in a fascinating woman only potentiate with time. In maturity women gain formidable allures denied to the young. They cast perhaps the biggest spells of all – the aphrodisiacs of a fully developed character, and enriched mind, sexual freedom and experience, maternal mana, status, money and a what-the-hell closing time joie de vivre.

Since forever Hollywood has glorified beauty because ultimately (you guessed it) sex sells. But one of the many negative repercussions of this is an increasing pressure on women to covet youth and treat aging as though it were a pathology. 


According to Camille Paglia “the main problem facing today’s aging women is not sexism but the lingering youth cult of the 1960s. […] Women in or out of Hollywood who dress like girls and erase all signs of aging are disempowering themselves and aggressing into territory that belongs to the young. They are surrendering their right of self-definition to others.”

The proposed solution is quite simple: age gracefully. This means embracing a mature persona and no longer seeking validation from the young. Think of it as embodying a new coming of age. If you need some inspiration bookmark AdvancedStyle for ultimate silver fox goals:

Old Women Are Beautiful

Old Women Are Beautiful

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  • I could not agree more with everything you said. I wrote a whole blog post very similar to this on my own website.
    I turned 30 last year and it was actually the best moment ever: realizing all that I had become thanks to my 20s, leaving behind many insecurities, doubts, feelings of being lost, and embracing the new adventures, the new assertiveness that can only come with age! The media seriously needs to catch onto this idea, but until they do, cheers to aging and gaining in maturity! To many more awesome years ahead of us. And especially if you nurture and care for your body, then it can only go upward from there!

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