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The day I bought my Fendi Zucca Chef bag was the day I met Patrick Church. Not in person, but in art; and not in a separated, framed on a wall kind of way. In the most shocking, in your face, tangible way possible. “On a Birkin bag! Blasphemy!”, I cried.

It wasn’t long after the dramatic gasp that I slowly began to accept how Church’s flamboyant and colorful characters had complimented the stoic iconic accessory. Simply put both of these works of art, worked.

So, when a very good friend of the family asked for suggestions on how to upgrade her Kelly bag, I immediately tagged Patrick Church. And the connection was a match made in fashion heaven.

I spoke to the New York-based purveyor of art and fashion in anticipation of his upcoming performance piece: “In-Between Dreams.”

1. What can people expect to see at this new show?

The idea of the performance piece “In-Between Dreams” is to fuse art and fashion together. It will be held as a pop up shop at a new space called The Phluid Project in Manhattan. There will be an opening night on April 13th, but I will be there throughout the weekend on full display in the window of the shop in a bed surrounded by underwear I’ve painted. There will also be boys standing in the window wearing underwear. People can come in and interact with me or watch me. The piece is about intimacy and the idea of intimacy and how little privacy we get nowadays. 
Patrick Church Art Fashion

2. Are you self-taught? Or did you go to school for your craft? Which school?

I started at school but left… it was a long journey but ultimately I knew what I wanted to do and I didn’t like being told what to do. I credit my high school teacher when I was in England for believing in me completely and letting me do my thing.

3. What is the one advice you wish you had coming up as an artist?

That you can’t be amazing at everything, and to LISTEN to others.

4. You’re stranded on a colorless island and you have to paint it using only three colors. What colors would you choose?

Pink, gold and turquoise!!!!!

Patrick Church Art Fashion

5. If you could hang your work in a museum, which museum would you pick?

The National portrait gallery in London.

6. Why do you draw on clothes?

I’ve always loved fashion but could never find anything I wanted to wear so I just started to make pieces I would want to wear and it just kind of went from there. It’s important for me to have a lot of fun with it.


Patrick Church Art Fashion
Patrick Church with the Clermont Twins


7. If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where? Why?

India, I would like to find out more about my grandmothers heritage.

8. How do you stay inspired?

By thinking and reflecting a lot, by taking risks, by being with my husband who inspires me every day.

9. Name three songs you could listen to on repeat.

I only listen to songs on repeat, then I hate them after a little while. But currently…

Dangerous – Umii

Eruption – Crazy P

Destiny – Zero 7

10. Someone offers to buy you a work of art of your choosing – price, era doesn’t matter – what’d you ask them to buy?

Jordan Wolfson’s ‘Female Figure’.

Learn more about Patrick Church here.

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