Sex and The City

…was the leading ladies’s friendship.

My mom and I have recently fallen into a Sex and The City k-hole. We’ve been watching back to back episodes every night and this re-run is the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve been reminded of how much I love the series and everything its taught me about New York, dating, but most importantly the value of great girlfriends.

I cannot stress enough the importance of women friendships. They are complex, compassionate, giving and sometimes challenging but ultimately vital to your development into womanhood. So as an ode to my formative years of watching Sex and The City (14 years old may have been a little too young) and the amazing girlfriends in my life today – here is a list of everything I learned from the show about keeping your sisterhood strong.

Sex and The City

Real friends don’t change you to fit their needs, or resent you when you don’t comply with their will. Not only can you be yourself around them, but the best version of yourself. They help you embrace that. 

Sex and The City

Like most relationships, friendships take time and patience. They’re not perfect and you will run into a few hurdles along the way. Play for keeps and stay away from frenemies! The amount of energy it takes to fake it is much better spent with a group of lady soulmates at a fabulous party.

Sex and The City Sex and The City

You can be vulnerable with each other in a judgement-free zone. At the end of the day ladies, we all go through the same shit and depending on each other for support is very necessary.

Sex and The City Quotes

Sometimes they’ll annoy you, upset you or need a candid reality check. None of those things are deal breakers. We’re human, we’re opinionated, we’re different and we make mistakes but there’s always room for a bounce back. Preferably over margaritas.


Sex and The City

Most times they empower you!

Sex and The City

You’ve gone through it with them: heart aches, life aches, ups and downs – they stuck through it all. Don’t take it for granted.

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