Click Hear – NXSA Covers Solange’s F.U.B.U

Solange A Seat At The Table

Dreamy cover reinvents Solange’s F.U.B.U and gives new color to its bold lyrics.

We’ve been playing Solange’s A Seat At The Table on repeat and have declared it a delightful feast for the ears (see what we did there). But one track that merits extra attention is F.U.B.U. The For Us By Us song features a dramatic base line and some menacing brass instruments as if to sonically evoke the lyrics mission: “All my niggas let the whole world know/Play this song and sing it on your terms/For us, this shit is for us/Don’t try to come for us.”

Hoping there will be a video for this deserving piece.

With that said we discovered a mellow, dreamy cover of the track and immediately fell in love. Even without the original “boom bat” it still conveys the song’s strength as the focus is primarily given to NXSA‘s buttery vocals and powerful lyrics. A docile guitar riff with a couple of finger-snap accents make for an intimate listening experience and we’re so happy to have been included in this small circle of trust – definitely felt like it was for us. Lend your ear to the cover below:

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